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Computer Maintenance and Support Services

Enterprise Maintenance Agreement, According to the agreement, any time of day or hours in, Computer Hardware, Software, Network Computer Peripherals any problem occurs or does not occur with any problems, an interference with the entire system, elimination of problems, It covers all of the services necessary measures are taken.

Care Contractual Services
According to this principle of service, The biggest advantage achievable; our customers with maintenance agreements are not always a priority service. Maintenance Agreement, investment cost to you, such as R & D budget or personnel management, and allows you to have the computing department within your organization without the time-cost risk.
We are working under the institutional contract partnership starts with system expertise. Thus, the current irregularities detected in your system and in the long run when you will be a disadvantage in terms of cost and hardware, trouble-free operation by going to improve the software and network system structure is provided.
In the early part of the contract that is non-functioning operating system and system expertise to do, personnel working in institutions within your complaints to your very problem on the basis of productivity in the long run it will be considering intervention system or hardware are answered with instant solutions. Thus institutions provide adverse effects in terms of cost-increasing effect as well as the time and efficiency. Maintenance services are contracted computer system as a kind of insurance you have made for your vehicle. When your future in terms of what hardware or software alone is not certain. Prefer to use care contracted services and therefore cost efficient the economic cost both time.
Under the Convention, We provide you with services;

• Periodically hardware, Maintenance of software and networking system
• Identification of missing software, Supply and installation of license
• Monitoring of hardware repairs (This service can not be resolved within the scope of our part of the repair process is reflected within or fee to you if additional parts need to be heard.)
• Spare parts for equipment in the repair phase (konsinye) equipment supply,
• the scope of information technology R & D and consulting services
• Online unlimited support and service
• Phone service with unlimited support

IT Services

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